Promoting and supporting access to art and culture for the disadvantaged population is at the core of the preoccupations of the Fondation pour le Rayonnement du Musée de Montmartre.

The launch of the program dedicated to the young public who has little access to culture marks this 2015 year. It aims at offering them access to the Museum and guiding them all along their visit in an entertaining way.


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Le Théâtre d’ombres du Chat Noir : visit and workshop

The objective of this project, deployed in the long-term, is to arouse children’s interest for Art and to promote access to culture throughout the discovery of the collections of the Montmartre Museum, especially those of the Chat Noir shadow theater. Thanks to an active and lively pedagogy, the children from 6 to 12 learn the history of Montmartre by playing in small groups.

We need your support to help us welcome each week a social structure or a class from a priority educational institution.

Estimated budget to realize this visit/workshop : €10 000

theatre2The process

Step 1 – Discovery of the Museum and rooms dedicated to the shadow theatre:
The children visit the Museum in a fun way with an art expert. They will discover more particularly the rooms dedicated to the Chat Noir shadow theater, to the Lapin Agile*, as well as the Moulin Rouge and some personalities of Montmartre.


Step 2 – Show and realization of silhouettes :
The children will participate in the Chat Noir shadow theatre show organized within the workshop of the Museum. Then, they will have the opportunity to realize the silhouette of their choice: the Sacré-Coeur, the Lapin Agile, the Chat Noir… They can also bring them back home to recreate their own shadow theatre.

Throughout the workshop, the children will be solicited by the art expert.

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In Valadon and Renoir’s studio : visit and workshop

After decades of neglect, Suzanne Valadon’s studio-apartment has been restored, decorated and refurnished in order to allow people to visit it as it would have been at the beginning of the 20th century, on an iconographic and written documented basis.

This new tour focuses on the studio-apartment and allows the young public to immerse themselves in the artistic atmosphere as it was at the end of the 19th century. The children will be also introduced to August Renoir’s artwork. This famous painter had his studio within the Montmartre Museum in 1876 and 1875.

Estimated budget to realize this visit/workshop : €9 000

Musée de Montmartre - L'Atelier Valadon

The process

Step 1 – Discovery of the Museum, the garden and the studio:
Accompanied by an art expert, the children will discover the Museum and the garden in which Renoir painted one of his most famous artworks, La blançoire (The Swing). They will visit most specifically Suzanne Valadon’s, and her son, Maurice Utrillo’s studio.

Step 2 – Learning, Observing and Playing :
The children will participate to a pedagogical artwork which aims at raising awareness of Renoir’s artistic approach and will allow them to discover the impressionist movement and its particularities in terms of light, colours and painting style.

This artwork is based on game and theatricality to support a more playful analysis of the artworks and ease the comprehension of the cultural background in which they have been painted. The children will be fully involved throughout the different activities.

Suivez le Chat Noir (Follow the Black Cat) : an educational entertainement on digital tablet

Suivez le Chat Noir is a fun application dedicated to young publics and their families. It has been created to encourage interactions between the visitor and the Museum as well as supporting the sharing of experience between children and adults.

ParcoursTabletteThis visit, presented as a treasure hunt on digital tablets was developed with three points in mind :

  • Pedagogical : the young visitor discovers the history of Montmartre and the collections of the Museum thanks to a written, interactive and dynamic visit.
  • Fun : the Museum has to be a lively place that offers an enriching experience to children. Thanks to the interactive games at each stage, the child visits and learns while playing.
  • Digital and Innovative : the digital tablet allows the young visitor to easily access the content, the comments and the pictures that illustrate and nurture the visitor while easing the comprehension.

This digital process challenges the young visitors at each step of the visit. They are invited to solve riddles, discover objects, and participate in fun challenges… The visitors become real detectives.

The proposed processes of visits available on digital tablets are mobile applications developed for iOS and Android. This application will be available on smartphones as well. The young visitor will be able to share the photos taken during the visits with his family (with his parents’ agreement).

Estimated budget to realize this visit/workshop : €13 000

To realize this project, the Fondation pour le Rayonnement du Musée de Montmartre involved a cultural agency specialized in young publics: Up Culture.

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