At the height of artistic creation in Montmartre during the early 20th century, the artist studio situated on rue Cortot served as the site for artists such as the two fauve painters Emile Orthon Friesz and Raoul Dufy, as well as Émile Bernard (a friend of Gauguin), and the writers Léon Bloy and Pierre Reverdy. Suzanne Valadon, famously regarded as one of the first women painters of her generation, initially settled at rue Cortot in 1898. She later returned in 1912, where she remained until 1926 with her son Maurice Utrillo and her partner André Utter. Valadon remains famous for being one of the first woman painters and Utrillo for his unforgettable views of Montmartre. After decades of neglect, the studio has been restored and opened in October 2014.